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Ham Radio Shack

Welcome to NE7X's Amateur Radio Station
Please Come-On-In

The NE7X ham radio shack is a 500 sq ft custom built room off the north side of the home QTH garage. It has it's own separate electrical sub-panel and HVAC heating/cool unit. The ham radio shack has two entrances, a private outside entrance (shown above) separate from the home QTH, and one entrance via the garage. Access to this outside entrance is located behind the RV gates. The ham radio shack being separated from the home by the garage, gives a sound buffer in the middle, allowing for 24 hour contesting without disrupting others inside the house.



Main Operating Desk

Equipment, left desk:

Henry 2-4K, Yaesu FT-897D, Kenwood TS-120S, ICOM IC-7000, ICOM IC-756Pro, Kenwood TL-922A

Equipment, center desk:

Yaesu FL-2100B 500W amp with Yaesu FT-2000 w/DMU, computer monitors (x3), 42 inch HDTV & 100 watt stereo

Equipment, right desk:

Yaesu Mark-V Field w/Ameritron AL-811, Yaesu FT-1000D w/Drake L-7, ICOM IC-765 w/Drake L-4






NEW ADDITIONS (as: 05/17/2008)


Yaesu FT-2000 and ICOM IC-7700 transceivers


Two Henry 2K-4 & one 2DK-5 RF amplifiers

The Henry amps use a pair of 3-500 tubes in grounded-grid configuration





Antenna Coax Wall-Field & Radio Station Ground

Any radio to any antenna via patch-panel or switch can be connected together

TVI filters for each HF antenna (right bottom)

AC power breaker for main desk (left bottom)

Antenna tuners (left center) can be switched in-line with any HF antenna

Copper ground buss ties into tower ground rods (bottom center)

For ground rod installation, see NE7X's antenna web site page 2


Vintage Equipment Racks

AC power, Network, Telco & Antenna Coax feeding racks via ceiling outlets

Johnson Ranger II Hallicrafters SX-110 T-3000 ant tuner AC monitor meters (6) 500 watt AF amp Speakers Hammarlund HXL-ONE
RME 6900 Hallicrafters HT-32 Collins Speaker AC conditioners (6) AF EQ Gonset GSB-100 Hammarlund HX-FIFTY
National NC-109 Halliecafters SX-101 Collins 30L-1 Astron 50amp P/S (2) Linux server Hammarlund SP-600 Hammarlund HQ-180A
RME 4300 HP frequency counter Collins 32S-3 Coax switches  (2) Server server Collins R390A Hammarlund HQ-170
Hammarlund HQ-100 Hallicrafters SX-42 Collins 75S-3 Homebrew 1KW RF amp Monitor/keyboard Collins 75A4 National NC-183D


IBM Home Office - Telecommuting

I currently work for IBM Corporation supporting UNIX servers running Oracle databases



This picture does not show very well, however there is 30 feet of storage shelving along the east wall (left) behind the rack cabinets. The racks act like a partition which isolate the storage shelving from the main radio room. There is a 25' long by 3' wide walk-way between the storage shelving and the rear of the racks. Beside providing access to the storage shelving, this walk-way also provides access to the rear of the racks for wiring and cabling maintenance. Entry to this area is left of the racks by the antenna wall field.


DX QSL Cards & Tool Boxes





Radio Shack Workbench

This workbench is for electronic repair and kit assembly

Repairs/Modifications from "Point-2-Point chassis wiring" to "PCB surface mount" can be performed


The radio shack's 240V/50A electrical sub-panel can be seen on the wall left in picture.

 Included is a 50A surge protection box right of the sub-panel.




Entrance To/From Garage

This is the original door going outside the garage to the side yard before the shack addition was built.

Before  <----------------------> After




Garage Workbench

This is for dirty work (drilling, grinding, auto-mechanics, etc...)



2m/30m/6m/40m Antennas




Antenna cables penetrate the ham radio shack wall via a 4inch PVC pipe.

The antenna wall-field is on the other side of the wall.




Cushcraft R5 - 20/17/15/24/10 Meter Vertical Antenna

The R5 vertical antenna is mounted at the rear of the QTH just above the kitchen window at 16 feet above ground




Ham Radio Shack

Looking from back yard

The ham radio shack is everything right of the fireplace and the window is closed off from the inside. This east wall of the ham radio shack is lined with storage shelves which are behind the vintage radio racks.




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Radionics Fire & Intrusion Alarm Security

Provided by: K7SA - National Security Systems


Cushcraft Rotatable Dipoles


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